USD $49

    Per site
    • Customized PHP Script
      Unlimited Booking / Users
    • Customized PHP Script
      Cloud Instance
    • Customized PHP Script
      API Integration

    USD $999

    • Customized PHP Script
      Unlimited Bookings
    • Customized PHP Script
      Unlimited Bookings
    • Customized PHP Script
      30 days custom work


    • Customized PHP Script
      100% Customized
    • Customized PHP Script
      100% Access to Source Code
    • Customized PHP Script
      100% Access to Database

How long does it takes to download your software after purchase?

Download links are available once an order has been approved. The approval process usually takes 5 to 6 hours during our business hours but sometimes may be longer or a lot less.

Our payment processing company performs a fraud check of the orders received to reject orders from people who choose to pay using stolen credit card details or compromised Paypal accounts, so we cannot provide instant downloads. We take fraud extremely seriously, and our payment processing company uses a number of techniques to determine whether an order is genuine, clearly fraud, or requiring further investigation.

Generally, it takes 06 to 24 hours time to verify you order and sometime it can be faster than that. As soon as order verifies, your payment and passed to us, our billing server will automatically creates license for you and sends download information right away. As the entire system is 100% automated no further follow up is required on this order. You will receive download & License details over the email as soon as order passes in verification process.

Do you have unlimited Domain License Plan?

No. Unfortunately have no plan to offer unlimited domain license yet.

I am a Web Developer or Programmer. Do you have anything special for me?

Well, as a developer we would like to provide in depth technical documentations, flow chart and code sample. We are open to developer community to assist understanding our architecture and implementation pattern so that you can feel comfortable working on our platform. We are eager to assist developer community to help other customers customizing the application according to the requirements.

Developers are invited to join our Forum for submitting query and technical discussions.